Community Information

Historically isolated by its own geography, Dickenson County has now welcomed the rest of the world to its doors while maintaining a closely knit community.

As the famous Echoes mural (located in Clintwood) suggests, “many hands make light work!” The communities of Dickenson County work hard to provide excellent gathering places for families, tourists, and business meetings. The Jettie Baker Center is a prime example of the community pooling its resources for the common good.

People in Dickenson County gather for all kinds of reasons – to sing, to listen, and to tell stories. Through he years, the gatherings have turned into celebratory festivals. Some are centered around themes such as the gathering of the harvest, and others define the holidays, like the Legendary Doctor Ralph Stanley Memorial Bluegrass Festival on Memorial Day weekend.

While major natural attractions, festivals and accommodations form the rock-solid base of Dickenson County, the lively imaginations and hard work of our people offer new opportunities for enjoyment every season!

We encourage you to call the Dickenson County Chamber of Commerce for more information.