Ralph Stanley Museum

The Ralph Stanley Museum and Traditional Mountain Music Center became available to music lovers of all ages in October of 2004. Combining the history of traditional mountain music and the legendary career of Dr. Ralph Stanley, the Museum offers an interactive musical journey which enables visitors to see and hear this particular style of mountain music.

The private, non-profit Museum is filled with a collection of memorabilia from the life and career of Dr. Ralph Stanley. The Museum features up to date art audio and video displays and in-depth information panels that tell the story of traditional mountain music. These features enable visitors to learn about Ralph Stanley, his music and the mountains which molded his style.

The Museum educates visitors about how the landscape of the Appalachian Mountains shaped the traditional music of the area. The landscape, along with an upbringing of Primitive Baptist faith, encouraged Dr. Stanley and his brother Carter to begin performing traditional mountain music for the public. The exhibits on display at the Museum begin with the creation of the Stanley Brothers and continue on to the history of the Clinch Mountain Boys.

The Ralph Stanley Museum is one of the largest museums in Southwest Virginia. It is considered by most the “Crown Jewel” of the Crooked Road Heritage Music Trail, which spotlights the towns and institutions that promote and preserve traditional mountain music from the Appalachian area.

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